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Property Marketing - Internet Syndication
Why choose Norm Carter, a Trulia Pro, to list and sell your property?... two words come to mind, property marketing via internet syndication. Marketing listing syndication is one of the fastest growing mediums on the internet today. Listings are entered once and then spread virally throughout some of the highest trafficked real estate search sites on the Internet.

Your Listings Are Seen By Millions
Sellers are insured their listings are seen by millions of people who search for property through the internet. Using Trulia as a example seventy-two (72%) of Trulia users plan to buy or sell within 12 months. In Terms of income 42% of Trulia users have 100k or greater income.  The following are some of the top rated top syndication sites.

















Marketing - Regional Delivery 
Local property marketing through the Lake County MLS, yard signage, local paper broker advertiser ad space are traditional but still a very effectice means of reaching a regional audience of buyers and sellers


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